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Double Glazed Units (Insulating Glass Units)

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In 1988 Leicester Glass established itself as a producer of quality Insulating Glass Units. In 2001 this was formally confirmed when the British Standards Institute awarded us with a Kite-Mark license to BS 5713. We continue to manufacture quality units at competitive rates. Please follow the links below to find out more:


General Specifications
EN 1279 part 2
Georgian Bars
Argon Gas Filling











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General Specifications

Leicester Glass manufacture units using a single part Hot Melt Butyl Insulating Glass Sealant, produced by Bostik-Findley (P5125). The Butyl is applied to the prepared edges of the unit through a heated gun at temperatures of around 185°. The fundamental benefit this manufacturing method offers to customers is immediate service, in emergencies we can literally make up a unit whilst the client waits.

Mill finished aluminium spacer bars are used in the unit assembly to form the space between the panes of glass. Coloured bars are available, we stock white, brown and black. We carry stocks of spacer bars designed to produce cavities of depth: 6mm, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20mm.

Some moisture is trapped within the unit at the time of manufacture. To prevent this from being troublesome we incorporate an absorbent (Desiccant), which is poured into the canter of the spacer bar. The specific desiccant we use is Phonosorb™ LD5 which is manufactured by W.R Grace & Co.

We add black edge tape to our units, this does not directly affect the units performance. The tape allows for safer handling of the finished unit, and facilitates better transportation - reducing potential scratches and loads slide.










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EN 1279 part2

Leicester Glass has always strived to manufacture the best Insulating Glass Units possible. We have always purchased only the best available components and used 'best practices' that allowed for no errors in production. By voluntarily applying for a license, to carry the Kite-Mark on our units, from the British Standards Institute we made a formal declaration of our quality achievements.

In 2001 we were granted our license (KM 599567) and manufactured our units to BS 5713 under this KiteMark licence untill 2009. There has been a new European Standard (EN 1279) published which has now been adopted within the United Kingdom. Our units have been, and are regularly, tested against EN 1279 and we hold certificated passess for all its requirements.











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Leicester Glass offers a five-year guarantee on all Insulating Glass Units that we produce. This guarantee begins at the date of invoice and covers 'breaks in seal'.

A break in seal manifests itself initially as a 'misting up' of the inside of a failed unit. A severe break in seal can lead to the unit filling with water.

Our guarantee does not cover for breakage or damage to the glass content of a unit, after the panel has been installed (supply & glaze transaction) or after the order has been handed over to the client (supply only transaction).

This guarantee will be made void should glazing system be used that is not recognised by our glazing sealant suppliers Hodgson Sealants (Click to link to Hodgsons home page).













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Georgian Bars

Many clients like to add something extra to their window and doors, to make their property stand out. A common request is to incorporate 'mock-georgian' grilles. We manufacture rectangular grilles from extruded aluminium sections. We can offer white or brown paint finished grilles along with a selection of woodgrain products and even white on brown/woodgrain.

Our georgian bars are available in 18 and 24mm wide styles.

We also offer shaped grilles, more complicated grilles and a bespoke design service. For these we use the services of the design specialists at Ulmke Metals (click on the link to see some of their design possibilities).













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Since 2001 Leicester Glass has been offering Argon Gas Filling to its clients. This is a process which involves the removal of the air from a units cavity and replacement with Argon.

Argon gas increases the window's ability to insulate. Because Argon gas does not conduct heat as readily as air, it helps keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer.

Argon gas is clear, colourless and odorless. Even if installed side by side you cannot see the difference between a window filled with gas and one not filled with gas just by looking at them.

Argon gas exists naturally in the air you breathe. It is both non toxic and inert. We are currently awaiting testing of our gas filling procedure to EN1279 part3. BSi have scrutinised our systems and we are confident that our units are fully compliant.




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